Il Laghetto Welsperg

Leaving behind the Castel Pietra which rises at the top of an erratic boulder at the entrance of the Val canali, the gaze is captured by a small mirror of water: the Welsperg lake, one of the symbols of this splendid dolomitic valley.
In this area, the decrease in the slopes favors the stagnation of water forming a network of wetlands.
Set in a nature of rare beauty, its waters reflect the peaks of the southern slopes of the Pale; a mountain massif with characteristic ridges, pinnacles and towers. Sass Maor and Cima Canali, elegant and majestic, stand out almost alone in the sky in play of light and clouds that constantly changes the color of these rocks.
In recent years, the lake has been the subject of an important action by the Park of environmental redevelopment and renaturalization which has made it possible to recreate a habitat suitable for the life of amphibians and the fresh water crayfish.
Near the lake there is the “Palù Grant”, the great swamp, an area of botanical and faunal interest that hosts rushes and marsh thistles as well as the typical water reed (Phragmites australis) and some interesting species of orchid: Orchis tridentata , Epipactis palustris and Dactyloriza traunstaineri.