The Vanoi Ecomuseum

The House of the Vanoi Ecomuseum in Canal San Bovo, tel. +39 0439 719106, , is open daily from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm from 1 July to the second Sunday of September, in other periods it is open during the same hours from Monday to Friday.

The House of the Ethnographic Trail in Caoria tel. +39 0439 710049 open from 1 July to the second Sunday of September. Position: 46°11’51.5″N 11°40’44.4″E (46.197647, 11.678985) go to the map

The Vanoi Ethnographic Trail is a journey in time and space between the town of Caoria (850 m above sea level) and the Malga Miesnotta above it (1,879 m above sea level) through the thematic routes del Val, dei Pradi, del Bósc and della Montagna (valley, meadow, forest, mountain): human and natural environments that were functional to the subsistence economy that gave life to the community of the Vanoi up to approximately 40 years ago.

The Ethnographic Trail is part of the Vanoi Ecomuseum proposing three of its seven themes: Mobility; Grass; Wood.

The trails and sites that can be visited of the Ethnographic Trail – Vanoi Ecomuseum: SIEGA DE VALZANCA – Venetian sawmill at Ponte Stel BAR A LA SIEGA – bar serving refreshments open from June to late September PRADI DE TOGNOLA – group of visitable ‘masi’ completely in wood PRA DE MADEGO – exhibition on the working of straw visitable on request ANELLO DELLA MONTAGNA (Ring of the mountain) – trail of the ‘malghe’ (mountain pastures) ANELLO DEL BOSC (Ring of the forest) – trail running between the sawmill and the Valsorda ANELLO DEI PRADI (Ring of the meadows) – trail for visiting the ‘masi’ ANELLO DELLA VAL (Ring of the valley) – trail that leads to a visit to the town of Caoria

In autumn, winter and spring the sites are closed and can be visited by groups only upon reservation.

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