La Val Venegia

The Venegia Valley is the upper part of the Travignolo stream basin: it is a typical valley of glacial origin, set between the dolomitic bank of the northern chain of the Pale di San Martino and the Mount Castelaz. There are interesting lava outcrops near Passo della Venegiotta, on the ridge between Mulaz and Passo Valles. From the gently undulating grassy slopes of the Costazza, facing the northern chain of the Pale group, you can admire the most celebrated panorama of this Dolomite system.
In the past centuries the trunks cut in the Juribrutto forest were destined for the construction sites of the Serenissima: they were dragged to the Valles Pass and transported by water along the Biòis and Cordévole streams. The northern chain of the Pale is a bed of Dolomia dello Sciliar over 1200 meters thick, fractured by high icy forks and shaped by the action of frost. This chain includes the highest peak of the Pale di San Martino, the Cima della Vezzana (3192 meters).