The Lagorai is a vast and varied mountain range characterized by wild nature. It is dotted with a myriad of alpine lakes and here you can go on long hikes listening to the windy silence of the mountains and the chatter of spring water.
Only the extreme north-eastern part of this vast and solitary chain of volcanic rocks is included in the Park and it is an almost inexhaustible reservoir of nature; a very rich alpine fauna lives in its woods, in the high altitude meadows, in the scree and in the rocks.
The Lagorai is an austere, rugged mountain, which, with its dark colors almost contrasts with the shapes and changing shades of the neighboring Dolomites. The Lagorai chain was one of the great theaters of the tragic events of the Great War and by walking along its solitary paths it is easy to discover the signs of the conflict: trenches, posts, barracks, mule tracks and other infrastructures built in stone. Today, a hundred years from those tragic events, they perfectly integrate into the landscape almost making us forget the madness that led to their construction.
The main access to the Lagorai from the South is the Vanoi Valley, whose two main settlements, Canal san Bovo and Caoria, together with the numerous hamlets, represent an excellent starting point for long and sometimes demanding excursions.