Bocche and Lusia

The Lagorai chain and the Cima Bocche massif are the last offshoots of a large expanse of mountains carved into the volcanic rocks of the “Atesina porphyritic platform”. From Passo Valles there is a view on the entire mass of porphyry on the right of the Travignolo river, from Cima Bocche up to Lusia.
The side of Val Travignolo that climbs towards the Lusia and Cima Bocche ranges is covered by spruce forest. The pasture of Malga Bocche, surrounded by the forest, is dominated by small tufts of thread-like but rough and tenacious leaves of a grass called nard, typical of an acid soil. Here it is already possible to find many species typical of alpine meadows such as arnica and gentian.
Towards 1800 meters above sea level, the wood changes; it becomes more sparse and isolated specimens of stone pine and larch appear, composing the famous “larch-stone pine grove”. The undergrowth can therefore be enriched with shrubs, which at times almost completely cover the ground. These are mainly rhododendron and dwarf juniper.