Pradi di Tognola

The upper Vanoi valley is one of the landing points of the Ethnographic Path.
The Pradi di Tognola is a typical mountain settlement and one of the four rings within the path that is called the meadows ring. The common thread of this ring is haymaking and seasonal life on the meadows. The other themes of the Ethnographic path are wood, mobility in the mountain paths, water, stone, war and the sacred. All together, they make the path a “journey through time and space”.
The “Pradi” are an example of the mid-altitude pastures, which were deforested in the past to allow grazing. Here, at just over 1200 meters above the sea level, we can get to know up close a settlement made up of “casere” (huts) and “tabiadi” (barns). The roofing of these buildings is the typical one with shingles, made with spruce or larch wood, with a very ancient technique. The meadows are surrounded by the spruce forests of Valzanca and Valsorda where the capercaillie and the black grouse nests.